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Virtual Hackathon

The event is over!
Check out the projects below

Summer 2022








Welcome to Smart-y’s Virtual Hackathon!

Final projects:

Overview of the event:

Do you want to unleash your creativity?

Are you looking for an opportunity to make your ideas come true?

Do you want to shape the future?

If the answer to these questions is “YES”, then we can’t wait to welcome you as a hacker!

We are proud to be hosting Smarty’s hackathon with a special feature, it’s going to be 100% DIGITAL using the popular platform Discord! You will be able to make the world a better place from the comfort of your home! You will have a whole weekend to set up a team and work together to prototype the idea you believe in.

For whom?

We are looking for YOU – young creators between 18-30, without any necessary previous knowledge or skills, just with the intention of engaging in creating a better future. We believe in the potential of ideas.

Participate for a workshop in:




Frequent Answers & Questions (FAQ)

What is a Hackathon and how does it work?

A hackathon, or hacking marathon, is an event where participants of all experience levels and specialties come together to solve important problems by coming up with innovative ideas and “hacking” cool projects, finding a technological solution to an everyday problem. At the end of a hackathon, you show your idea to a panel of judges for a chance to win!

Who can participate?

Anyone between 18-35 from the following countries: Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Norway, Spain, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, and Romania. 
Is not necessary to have a technology-related background, don’t worry about that! good ideas come from every field!

Is there a prize or award?

The teams with the highest score will win an all-covered trip to Austria, or Poland for the next step!

Do I need to be online all the weekend?

No. You will have to organize with your team to coordinate when to be active and distribute the tasks. Working at your own pace.


How do I participate?

Just register on this website and you will be provided with an invitation link to the Discord server. There you will find the rest of the details.


How will this event be hosted?

The event will be hosted entirely online. We will use Discord as our main hub of communication. In addition to Discord text and voice channels, you may choose to collaborate with your team members using tools like Zoom, the submissions demo videos on YouTube. 


Is there a theme for the event?

These are the 3 selected topics:

 Transportation and infrastructure

  1. Lack of sustainable and inclusive transportation (including lack of green, eco-friendly means of transportation, lack of transportation for vulnerable groups e.g. groups with fewer opportunities)
  2. Poor sustainable and green infrastructure (including lack of safe bike laces, lack of electromobility infrastructure, and lack of effective parking in urban areas)
  3. Not sufficient conditions of the public transportation 
  4. Lack of decentralized green services (including poor sustainable connections among urban and rural areas, lack of uber-like connections)
  5. Absence of Youth Clubs as a place of gathering and activation of young people around green issues 
  6. Absence of leisure-time spaces for youth and their not sufficient conditions
  7. Lack of zero-emission digital infrastructures in rural and remote areas (including simple connection to internet)
  8. High level of Youth Unemployment and lack of career opportunities for young people in rural areas.

 Education and civic engagement

  1. Absence of quality education around green topics in rural communities
  2. Low level of eco-literacy across multiple generations (youth, adults and seniors).
  3. Absence of pro-environmental culture and activism in rural areas
  4. Low level of youth engagement towards green issues and their solutions
  5. Lack of responsibility and action from both politicians and citizens towards green issues in rural areas
  6. Lack of easy access to reliable information sources for kids, youth, and adults regarding green and sustainable practices
  7. Lack of investment in green education by local and regional authorities
  8. Lack of opportunities for active involvement of youth in local, national, and international politics around green issues
  9. Absence of opportunities for developing competencies needed for the 21st century in formal and nonformal education in rural and remote areas
  10. Unsustainable food education 
  11. Lack of opportunities for self-development in the green field in rural villages
  12. Lack of green cultural events (e.g. Green cinema, festivals) in European remote areas

– Environment and resource management

  1. Lack of green places in urban areas 
  2. Lack of Strategic plan to prevent wildfires 
  3. Lack of response to pollution acts from the authorities and stakeholders (including no fines or repercussions applied for polluting, no collaboration with CSR departments)  
  4. Drought – lack of water 
  5. Lack of accessibility to green areas 
  6. Illegality – eco criminality (including incorrect waste disposal, avoidance of relevant taxes)
  7. Low level of access to healthy food
  8. Low accessibility to sustainable food options 
  9. Lack of effective & sustainable waste management
  10. Marine pollution, especially concerning the plastic litter in the oceans and the coastline
  11. Waste of food and clothing
  12. Absence of sustainable production – production focused on sustainability and decreasing the ecological footprint.
  13. Lack of energy independence (dependence on non-renewable sources of energy)


How big can the teams be?

Each team will have 3 participants. Registration is individual. 


How will I get my team?

Registration is individual. Teams will be created during the main event on the Discord server from Friday the 9th of September.

What do I need to present?

Each team will conceptualize a prototype for their idea and present it in a written summary, and then in a short 1-min video.

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